About me

Making art has been a big part of Erica Hart’s life since childhood. After a long and varied career as commercial artist, entrepreneur, and educator, she has been fortunate to be able to devote her full attention to her art.

Hart holds a BA from Brooklyn College and an MS from SUNY @ New Paltz, both in art education. Her artistic training also includes The Art Students League of New York. She has been working in mixed media since the mid 1990's. Major Influences have included the Surrealists, the  Expressionists, and the Mexican muralists. 

Hart’s national award winning work has been exhibited across the United States and at international venues.  She maintains studios in the Upper Delaware River Valley and in Delray Beach, Florida.                                                                                                                                                                                 



Artist Statement

My work combines collage and assemblage with painting. I select and arrange various components and then bring them together with paint until satisfied with the composition. This blending of different media enhances the visual mystery I strive to express.

Drawn to large universal themes (e.g., reality/illusion, life/death) or inner journeys, I extract from literature and personal stories to depict some of these topics. Working with conceptual or symbolic images, I often use hands or eyes to express an idea or emotion. The ambiguous nature of most of the pieces is my invitation to viewers to become actively engaged in interpreting the work.